August 17, 2015

Meet the MASH Board


From left: MASH Vice-President Tom Jambor, Treasurer Todd Townsend, President Karl Weiss and Community Outreach Coordinator Meghan Jambor toast at the 2014 National Homebrewers Conference in Michigan. Not pictured: John Coyle

The MASH Board is responsible for upholding the club’s by-laws, setting an overall vision for the club, organizing meetings and events and fostering an inclusive community for all members.

The MASH Board consists of five elected officers. The role of the board, including president, is determined based on each officer’s skills and the group’s dynamics at its first meeting of the year. The president shall be elected by a majority vote of the board. Additional roles may include but are not limited to, vice president, secretary, treasurer and community outreach.

The 2016 MASH Board is:

  • Karl Weiss: President, Growing Membership,  Collaboration, Board Meetings, oversees HBOTY, Club Only Competitions, Webmaster
  • Tom Jambor: Vice-President,  NHC Coordination, Brew Mentor, Fundraising, BJCP Outreach, Special Projects, NJ Homebrewers Advocacy, AHA Homebrew Rally
  • Todd Townsend: Treasurer, oversees Finance, Membership Tracking, Membership Benefits, Group Purchases, Motown Mash Kickoff, DIY/Equiptment Guru
  • Meghan Jambor: Community Outreach Coordinator, oversees Social Media, Newsletter, Website
  • John Coyle: Operations Coordinator, Oversees Logistics, Trips and Special Events, acting “attorney” for the board