January 24, 2018

Membership Guide

MASH Membership Guide

Updated 1/24/2018

  1. Meetings
    1. General meetings (third Tuesday of every month)
      1. Special guests
      2. Educational presentations
      3. Homebrew sharing
    2. Members Only meetings (quarterly)
  2. Members
    1. Facebook
    2. Officers and Board
    3. Committees
    4. BJCP judges and information
  3. Membership perks
    1. Schwag (such as a MASH beer glass)
    2. Beer evaluation
    3. Club discounts
    4. Group buys
    5. Club merchandise
    6. Barrel projects
    7. Annual road trip to visit multiple breweries
    8. Members Only Meetings
    9. Enter in Club Only Competitions
    10. Google Hangouts
    11. Ability to join committees
    12. Mule services for homebrew competition drop-offs
  4. Club brewing activities
    1. Barrel projects
    2. Brewers Duel Challenges
    3. MASH Labs
    4. Club Only Competitions
    5. Big Brew for National Homebrew Day/MASH campout or day trip
    6. Learn to Homebrew Day
    7. Club competitions
    8. Club only competitions (three times a year)
    9. Motown MASH annual homebrew competition
  5. Friends of MASH
    1. Other local clubs we coordinate or collaborate with
    2. Local businesses and breweries
  6. Useful links
    1. MASH website (http://www.mashnewjersey.com/)
    2. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MASHNewJersey/)
    3. Motown MASH (http://www.mashnewjersey.com/competitions/motown-mash/)
    4. Google Hangouts
    5. By-Laws
    6. Calendar (http://www.mashnewjersey.com/events/calendar/)
    7. American Homebrewers Association (https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/)

Welcome to the Morris Area Society of Homebrewers, or MASH!  We are a group of homebrewers and lovers of beer who formed MASH in 2012 as a way to gather with friends, promote homebrewing and to raise the level of our brewing together. You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mashnewjersey/ and on our website at www.mashnewjersey.com.

We meet monthly at various restaurants and breweries in Morris County.  It is free to attend monthly meetings.  Please feel free to invite friends and family (over 21 please) to come by.  Bring a homebrew to share and enjoy some homebrew from your fellow brewers.  

We invite guest speakers to our meetings, from some of the brewers from local breweries as well as other experts and professionals. Want to hear about what it takes to turn raw grain into the malted grains we brew with? Dan from Deer Creek Malthouse came by and brought bags of grain.  Want to hear about the transition from homebrewer  to brewery owner?  Joe from Man Skirt walked us through it.  Want to hear about how to brew mead?  Who better to learn from than Sergio from Melovino Meadery.  Want to hear about the challenges facing a woman succeeding in the largely male world of brewing?  Heide from Angry Erik shared her journey.  We also have show-and-tell meetings where members bring equipment or beer and show new gear and brews they love or are looking for suggestions to improve (or both).

We also have a paid membership level ($25 a year). Paid members also can attend quarterly Members Only meetings and participate in our Club Only homebrew competitions.  There are also other benefits of paid membership.  We maintain a Google Hangouts group chat where everything from requests for help with a stuck mash to sales or opportunities are discussed.  (If it’s a day that ends in “y”, there is a good chance that a MASH member is brewing, shopping for, or drinking beer somewhere).  Throughout the year we make bulk purchases, from fresh pressed cider to gallons of honey, at prices that you can’t find anywhere.  We are also working with local stores and suppliers for member discounts.  Stay tuned for more.  

Paid members also get to annually vote for the MASH Board of Directors who plan the various meetings and events for everyone. The Board for 2017 consists of Karl Weiss, President, Tom Jambor, Todd Townsend, Steve Ashton and Rich Cohen.  Got a question or random idea?  Grab one of us at any time.  We all check the group email at mashnewjersey@gmail.com.  

We also have group brewing events for paid members.  We purchased a 55 gallon wine barrel and a dozen members just brewed an imperial saison for the barrel. This is our third barrel fill and it’s an opportunity to share in the community of brewing and create a unique beer. Members also host mentor brew days where other people are invited to brew with them (you will probably learn something every time, even if you are supposedly “teaching” someone else).  Want to transition to all grain?  Best way to learn.  Want to learn about various mash techniques? Better than YouTube and you get to drink.

We also host a number of events each year, culminating in the Motown MASH, New Jersey’s largest homebrew competition. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes all the members of a homebrew club to run a great competition.  From labeling and sorting entries, to judging and stewarding the beer, to cold-calling (or cold-emailing) businesses for prize donations, there is room for everyone to help out in some way.

Motown MASH is part of a cycle of New Jersey homebrew competitions where participants compete for the honor of being awarded New Jersey’s Homebrewer of the Year.  In 2016, our own Dan Roebuck won the award and had one of his recipes commercially brewed with Alementary Brewing in Hackensack!   There is also a winning New Jersey Homebrew Club of the Year which MASH has won the past few years.

We are proud to have as members many highly ranked national BJCP judges. Bring a bottle to share at a meeting and get feedback and advice from some of the best.

And most importantly, relax, don’t worry, and have a homebrew. (Whoops, that might be trademarked…).

Thank you and welcome to MASH!