March 13, 2015




There is no MASH without you.

Your passion for home fermentation has made MASH an incredible community where new and seasoned brewers and beer enthusiasts celebrate and share brewing techniques and tips, as well as samples of their beer, cider and mead.

Thank you for showing up each month, sharing your homebrew and making this club rock.

MASH has two types of members:

  • Social members attend club meetings and events
  • Full members are entitled to special privileges, including exclusive group ingredient purchases, eligibility for water analysis and homebrew evaluation, and participation in group projects and trips. The cost of an individual full membership is $25 per calendar year payable at any meeting. All members receive official MASH membership cards.

Why become a full member? The benefits speak for themselves: MASH Member Only Meetings, Participation in Club Only Competitions, MASH Homebrewer of the Year, Homebrew Evaluation by BJCP Judges, Water Analysis, Group Buys, Barrel Projects, Local Discounts, Membership Card, Member Emails

How to become a member: It’s simple! Bring cash to our next monthly meeting.