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Morris Area Society of Homebrewers

We are a community of homebrewers in and near Morris County, NJ who are dedicated to exploring and celebrating brewing and fermenting knowledge and making beer and other home-fermented beverages. We share tips, trade pints, and have loads of fun along the way. 

We believe beer is culture and brewing is a way to express our creativity, connect to each other, and build community. By focusing on learning, sharing, and growing as brewers, we nurture and grow our local brewing community.

“There’s no such thing as a dumb question at MASH. You respect newcomers and old timers … that’s what it’s all about – keeping people involved so they learn and share what they know … People are making really great beers and everyone is humble about it … I’ve been brewing for many years, and I’ve learned a lot … There’s never a time there isn’t something new to learn. One of the things I find so attractive about it. You can learn from a beginner because they look at it from a very different point of view. You don’t meet anyone who thinks they know everything” – Gerard, MASH Member

What we do: 

  • We encourage our local homebrewing community to deeply understand and experience the full range of historical, classical, and emerging  beer, mead, and cider styles as well as brewing methods, techniques, and innovations. 
  • We provide opportunities for celebration of and for informal and professional evaluation of homebrewed beverages. 
  • We connect homebrewers to the craft beer and brewing industry and celebrate and support our local breweries.
  • We fuel collaborations and strengthen connections in the homebrew community and share our craft with the broader community.