August 17, 2015

Our By-Laws

By-Laws of the Morris Area Society of Homebrewers



Section 1 – Official Name

Morris Area Society of Homebrewers, aka MASH NJ

Section 2 – Purpose

MASH is a community of homebrewers in Morris County dedicated to exploring and celebrating brewing knowledge, beer and other home-fermented beverages. We share tips, trade pints and aim to have fun in the process, and welcome beer enthusiasts and brewers of all levels.

Section 3 – Goals

Elevate the community’s knowledge of homebrewing  beer, mead, and cider by facilitating the learning of beer, mead, and cider styles, brewing methods and techniques, brewing innovations, and promotion of zymurgy.

Provide opportunities for evaluation and appreciation of homebrewed beverages

Organize brew days and brewery trips, competitions, and host guest speakers in the professional brewing industry

Share our craft with the community

Section 4 – Affiliations

MASH New Jersey is an American Homebrewers Association-registered club.



All persons of legal drinking age who enjoy making or drinking homebrewed beverages are eligible for membership.

There are two classifications of members:

  1. Social members may attend club meetings and events
  2. Full members are entitled to special privileges, including:
    • MASH discounts at member businesses
    • Eligibility to enter club-only competitions
    • Participation in exclusive club events
    • Invitation to attend quarterly Club Only meetings

Section 1 – Dues

The cost of an individual full membership is $25 per calendar year payable at any meeting.

Section 2: Membership Cards

The club shall provide each full member a card designating them a member of MASH NJ homebrew club. The card shall be required for all discounts and benefits.

Section 3 – Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

Membership in MASH NJ is voluntary. All members shall be accountable for their own actions and accept all responsibility for the consequences of those actions, including any consequences arising from the consumption of alcohol. Each member shall agree to behave and drink responsibly at all club events, and to indemnify and hold harmless MASH NJ against any and all liability resulting from that member’s actions.

No member shall receive compensation for services rendered to the club unless otherwise approved by officers. A member may be reimbursed for properly documented, reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the club, subject to prior approval by the club’s officers. No member or officer will be personally liable for any debt or obligation of the club.



The Board shall consist of the elected officers of the club.

Section 1 – Responsibilities

The board is responsible for upholding the club’s By-Laws, setting an overall vision for the club, organizing meetings and events and fostering an inclusive community for all members. All officers shall attend monthly Board and club meetings and shall make their decisions in accordance with the best interest of the club’s membership.

Section 2 – Board

The Board is comprised of five officers whose roles, including President, will be determined based on each officer’s skills and the group’s dynamics at its first meeting of the year. The president shall be elected by a majority vote of the board. Additional roles may include but are not limited to, vice president, secretary, treasurer and community outreach.

Section 3 – Term

Officers will be elected for a one-year term beginning at the March meeting following the election and ending at the February meeting the next year.

Section 4 – Vacancy of Office

Any officer may resign upon written or verbal communication to the Board president. A vacancy of office will be filled as soon as possible via a Board appointment.

Section 6 – Removal from Office

Any officer found not performing their duties or acting to the detriment of the club may be removed from office subject to the approval by a majority vote of the Board.

Section 7 – Special Committees

Board members needing assistance with special tasks may recruit a team of members.

Section 8—Fiscal responsibility

No Board member shall be liable for the debts or obligations of the club. Members shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the club, if approved by a majority of the Board.


Board Elections

Section 1: Election Dates

Elections are held annually at the February meeting with new officers taking office in March.

Section 2: Eligibility

Any person who has been a full member for at least six months and is in good standing with MASH NJ may nominate themselves for elected office.

Section 3: Balloting

Only full members shall vote in a secret ballot election in which the order of voting on the written ballot shall have no bearing on the five selected members. Full members that cannot attend the meeting shall provide advance notice and may vote via absentee ballot through a procedure approved by a majority of the Board.

Section 4: Tally

The Board President shall tabulate the votes and announce the results prior to the next regular meeting. In the event of a tie, any incumbent officer shall remain on the board. If there is no incumbent involved in the tie, the outgoing President shall declare the winner amongst the tied candidates.



Section 1 – Regular Monthly Meetings

All club meetings, unless otherwise noted in advance, will be held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at a location determined by the Board. While MASH NJ’s home base is the Twin Elephant Brewing Company in Chatham, the club regularly explores the area’s craft beer scene to host meetings and special events.  

Section 2- Board meetings

Board meetings shall be held the first Tuesday of each month at a location determined by the Board unless otherwise determined by the Board.

Section 3 – Membership meetings

Membership meetings with the Board and members will be held once each quarter to solicit input from members, update members on finances and other club matters.

Section 4 – Quorum

A quorum of four Board members must be present for business transactions to take place and motions to pass.



Periodically it may be necessary to modify these By-Laws. The procedure shall be as follows:

  • Any Full Member, committee, or the Board may write a resolution to modify the By-Laws. It shall include the reason for the change, the article, the section, the paragraph, etc., where the change will occur, and what the change will be.
  • If an individual member has drafted a resolution, he/she shall present it to the Board of Directors for announcement at the next regularly scheduled Full Members Business Meeting. At that meeting, the Board shall vote on whether to accept the resolution for consideration. If accepted, the Board shall immediately present the resolution to the membership present, as well as include the resolution in the Club’s post-meeting email newsletter.
  • After presentation, the Full Members shall vote on whether or not to pass the resolution. The vote shall be held at the next Full Members Business Meeting following acceptance by the board, or at the next Membership Meeting if designated by the Board. A two-thirds majority of those present shall be required for adoption.
  • If approved, the modified By-Laws shall be posted to the Club’s website and go into effect immediately.